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The career you choose will determine how you will lead your life in the coming years...

The career you choose will determine how you will lead your life in the coming years. Making the right decision is most crucial. We help in exploring the option of studying abroad and attaining a foreign degree. There are various steps involved in applying to a foreign school.

We conduct personalized session for students where our counselors tell about the foreign education system, the different courses offered there and help you in deciding your interest area.

Next is the process of choosing the right University. Our counselors help you in creating a “short list” of at least four universities. Once the universities are finalized the application process starts.

We provide the student with a list of documents that must be submitted to us. You can expect your admission acceptance or denial within six weeks after application.

Upon acceptance, you will be given an I-20 (admission acceptance). You will than apply for a student visa. We will schedule your visa appointment, get the forms and documents in place and then prepare you for the Visa interview.

Once you get the Visa you are all set to fly for your studies abroad. If needed, we will help with your travel arrangements and make sure your arrival in the United States is as smooth as possible.

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Why to Study in the United States of America

The term study abroad program is considered to take advantage of the educational process in a different country. Studying in the U.S. is considered to be the best option for international students due to high profile studies and its recognition as a world leader in education and its varied courses of study.

We at Pacifica, provide a correct guidance regarding selecting colleges to study in the U.S. which includes studies in art, business, science, medical, or engineering. Undergraduate study in the U.S. by international students has become very popular in the past few years with an ever-increasing number of students applying for admission to American schools.

There are many programs available to international students in the U.S. However, some of these programs are very expensive. We may be able to help you find scholarships or loans for your study abroad.

Students need to be well-prepared regarding the value of each individual degree program in the U.S. They need to have all of their questions related to degrees and majors answered prior to applying for admission. To know more on Why to study in the United States of America Click here »

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