Russia to attract more medical students from Gujarat

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A workshop and information seminar for students willing to pursue medical studies in Russia was organized in the city...

A workshop and information seminar for students willing to pursue medical studies in Russia was organised in the city on Sunday. Dmentiyev Vladimir Viktorovich, vice-consul, consulate general of Russian federation was present during the event. The event was organised by Parents Association of The Indian Medical Students in Russia. The organisation looks after Indian students studying in Russian colleges and is a mediator in arranging facilities for the students.

Viktrovich, also director of Russian Cultural and Science Centre, Mumbai, stated that the Russian medical institutions are providing special facilities to the Indian students. "We want more Indian students to come and study in Russia. The country's medical colleges are not only popular among Indian students but students from all over the globe come to study in Russia and make a successful career in their native countries," said Viktrovich.

"To make it a home-like feeling for the Indian students, we have made arrangements to celebrate Indian festivals where students can participate and enjoy," added Viktrovich.

"Currently, 600 students from India study in our college and we have arranged special facilities for them like Indian food, Indian festivals and special assistance," said Vasim.

Russia offers around 40,000 seats to foreign students in medical courses, he added.

He further said that Russian colleges offer medical courses at half the cost of Indian colleges. "In any Indian college, the fees would be around Rs 3 lakh per annum plus donations. But in Russia, it is around Rs 2 lakh per annum. The student completing medical course in Russia needs to clear a screening test in India to practice and in past few years percentage of students clearing has been around 95 per cent," added Vasim.

Pradip Solanki, president of the association said, "According to Indian standards, a student needs 50 per cent in science subjects to practice in India so the cutoff marks in Russia is 50 per cent. It is not about admitting lesser qualified students but it is about giving opportunity to all. Across the globe students with 50 per cent marks get admission in all courses due to availability of enough seats but in India due to lesser medical seats the merit goes higher and many students are deprived."

A large number of students visited the workshop and collected information about medical education in Russia.

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