Australia will make universities protect international students

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Measures follow a decline in enrollments...

To fight the decline in international student enrollment, which was widely attributed to bad publicity following attacks on Indian students in 2009, Australia is creating new requirements for universities to protect them, reports the media.

"Registered education providers should, where possible, provide affordable on-campus accommodation options and in particular guarantee such accommodation for international students who are most vulnerable because they are enrolled in their first year of study," says the Draft Minimum Standards for International Student Welfare, which was prepared for the government by the Australian Human Rights Commission.

They also recommend public transportation subsidies be extended to foreign students so they won't need to risk their safety by walking late at night.

"Universities' responsibilities do not end at the campus gate," New South Wales race discrimination commissioner, Graeme Innes, told media.

Australia has 470,000 international students, which is more per capita than any other country.

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