New-age schools for poor children pass quality test

Quality education for the students from economically weaker is still a distant dream at private schools...

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Quality education for the students from economically weaker is still a distant dream at private schools. But at Navyug Schools run by New Delhi Municipal Council, it’s become a reality. The National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET), an offshoot of Quality Council of India, has given accreditation to five of the 11 Navyug schools in the city for the quality of education.

The schools achieved this honour on September 29 after the assessment by NABET on 50 different parameters, including infrastructure, teacher training and monitoring process. Said Mamta Aggarwal, education director, NDMC, ‘‘All 11 schools had applied for accreditation after which eight were shortlisted as some construction work was going on in rest of the schools. Five schools finally met the parameters of NABET and got the accreditation.’’

The Navyug Schools, which have been accredited for their quality, are located at Sarojini Nagar, Lodhi Road, Moti Bagh, Peshwa Road near Gole Market and at Laxmi Bai Nagar.

According to Aggarwal, there are many features of Navyug Schools, which put them on a par with private schools in the city. ‘‘Our teachers are better qualified than in any other school. Besides academics, we provide various facilities like sports, ICT, extra-curricular activities and even a swimming pool at one of our schools,’’ she said. ‘‘Nowhere else do students from economically weaker sections get such quality schooling.’’

Navyug schools, which are funded by NDMC, have 70% reservation for students whose parents’ annual income is less than Rs 1.25 lakh. The school runs from classes I to XII and the admission is restricted for the residents of NDMC areas only. The schools do not charge any tuition fee from the students but only Rs 20 per month as miscellaneous charges. The students from EWS category even get the textbooks and uniform free of cost. All students get mid-day meals. And they seem to be far from the horror stories attached with mid-day meals at various MCD schools. ‘‘The meals are outsourced. The one who distributes them in the school, wears gloves and masks. We don’t compromise on quality,’’ said an NDMC official.

The first Navyug School was started in 1973 at Sarojini Nagar for talented students from economically weaker sections. After the students started doing well, NDMC decided to make more such schools. For a better output, even the teachers were kept at a higher grade than other government and private schools.

Said Achala Kukreti, principal, Navyug School, Peshwa Road, ‘‘Trained Graduate Teachers (TGTs) are appointed for primary classes whereas they teach the middle classes in other schools. In Navyug Schools, the middle school students are instead taught by post-graduate teachers (PGTs).’’ She added, ‘‘We had a pass percentage of 97% in CBSE class XII exams last year. Our teachers work on individual students and we also hold remedial classes for those lagging behind.’’

Now also with CBSE’s continuous and comprehensive evaluation falling in place, students think the Navyug schools will do well.

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