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The Graduate Record Exam(GRE), the graduate school entrance test, will be revamped and slightly lengthened.The Educational Testing Service, which administers the G.R.E., described its plans recently at the annual meeting of the Council of Graduate Schools in San Francisco, calling the changes “the largest revisions” in the history of the test.

Some of the specific changes to the GRE and it’s advantages:-
1) The grading scale will range from 130 to 170, rather than from the current 200 to 800.
2) The quantitative section will now provide an online calculator. Also its geometry component will be cut down and data analysis questions will be added.
3) The test will be lengthened from 3 hours to 3.5 hours.
4) The order of test questions will be scrambled every 2 hours, for increased security.
5) The test will allow for test-takers to skip a question and return to it later. The ability to skip around from question to question within each section, is meant to make the test-taking experience more natural and more comfortable.
6) A calculator will be provided so that mathematics answers will be based on test-takers’ comprehension of concepts and not their speed at basic calculations.
7) The verbal section will no longer contain questions on analogies and antonyms.
The first point, of the deflated grading scale, will be to the test-takers advantage.With the current, larger range, a 10 point difference is seen as a major setback for the lower scoring test. The new system, however, will condense those 10 points into just 1 or 2, showing the more accurate representation of the significance of such a difference.
The G.R.E., required for admission to a range of graduate programs, is a “computer adaptive” test, so that a correct answer to one question leads to a more difficult subsequent question, while a wrong answer leads to a simpler one. Another change is that the computer adaptivity will no longer be question by question but section by section, so that, within a section, students can skip a question and return to it.
In short new GRE will be "much friendlier"........


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