US Wants to Reach Out to Common Man in India

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The United States today said its cooperation with India in the field of education is not limited to higher education and that it was eager to reach out to common man.

US Ambassador to India Timothy J Roemer said the US is always looking forward for more ways of serving the people.

"The focus is not only on the highest level of education for the elite, we want to reach out to the common man," he told reporters after visiting the American India Foundation and Clinton Foundation's 'Digital Equalizer Project' at Delhi Tamil Education Association School here.

He said President Barack Obama was "extremely interested" in helping school children of the country and that the strategic dialogue not only focuses on fields like higher education and research but also on partners in schools for "common children".

"The great thing common among Americans and Indians is our dreams...By dreaming we can do anything and be anything you want," he said.

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