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Australia cracking down on student visa violations
Australian immigration authorities have cancelled 15,066 student visas in the past year; This is due to students violating the terms of their visa - an increase of 37 percent from 2009...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits2586Print: Australia cracking down on student visa violations
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Australian immigration officials cancel student visas of 55 Indians
A total of 55 Indian students in Australia were sent back home by immigration authorities, who cancelled their visas over "breaches" like failure to maintain an enrolment...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits893Print: Australian immigration officials cancel student visas of 55 Indians
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Washburn University Pushing to Attract Students From India
Students from India are the latest target in Washburn University President Jerry Farley’s efforts to attract more international students to the school’s campus in Topeka...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits871Print: Washburn University Pushing to Attract Students From India
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'Chinese students stealing tech secrets from UK varsities'
British industrial designer Sir James Dyson has alleged that Chinese students at the country's universities are stealing scientific and technological secrets and passing them on to their country...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits857Print: 'Chinese students stealing tech secrets from UK varsities'
Related Tags British Industrial Designer Sir James Dyson, Chinese Students, Stealing Scientific, Technological Secrets, Science and Technology Knowledge, Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, British Universities Minister David Willetts, Universities UK Chief Executive Nicola Dandridge, Electronic Engineering, Computer Sciences, United Kingdom, Data Continues

US, Australian and German universities keen to partner with Indian Institutes
For more Indian students to be in Germany, Indian universities need to aim for partners of their standard, rather than looking for a superior university...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits983Print: US, Australian and German universities keen to partner with Indian Institutes
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College abroad becoming a bargain
Increasing affluence and currency appreciation are behind the spike in Chinese students traveling abroad for their undergraduate studies...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1538Print: College abroad becoming a bargain
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