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UK tightens visa rules, students will be affected
In order to protect its economy from large-scale influx of migrants, the UK government has toughened its student visa rules, said a senior British diplomat...
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Scam? UK halts student visa requests in north India
Fearing abuse of the visa system, the UK on Saturday announced a temporary suspension of student visas in north India. UK Border Agency...
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Australia-India Joint Working Group to focus on Student Mobility
The joint working group reaffirmed that Australia and India are committed to working together closely to address...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1044Print: Australia-India Joint Working Group to focus on Student Mobility
Related Tags Joint Working Group, Student Mobility Between India And Australia, Ministry Of Overseas Indian Affairs, G. Gurucharan, Joint Secretary, Moia, Dr. Lachlan Strahan, Deputy High Commissioner, Australia, Mr Colin Walters, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Education International, Unscrupulous Education Providers, International Students Strategy, India-australia Task Force


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