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Rice, IIT Madras Sign Memo of Understanding to Achieve Cross Technology Pollination
It was a long time coming, you gather on hearing Mallik Putcha explain the focus of his passion, for two mighty giants in engineering education to come together with an understanding...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1167Print: Rice, IIT Madras Sign Memo of Understanding to Achieve Cross Technology Pollination
Related Tags Engineering Education, Research and Teaching Future Technocrats, Indian Institute of Technology, Memo of Understanding, IIT Madras, Rice University, Dr. M. S. Ananth, Director of IIT Madras, David Leebron, President of Rice University, Dr. Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Dean for Planning and Alumni Affairs, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Dr. Ram Nagarajan, Professor of Chemical Engineering, Principal Coordinator for L-RAMP, Lemelson Recognition and Mentoring Program, Houston, Boston, Dr. Ananth, Leebron and Dr. Renu Khator, Chancellor and President of University of Houston, Indian Consul General Sanjiv Arora, Systems Engineer, NASA, IIT Madras Alumni Association of North America, IIT Alumni of Greater Houston

Nursing Profession: The Most Noble, Priceless, & Secure Job in the Country
I spent the last three years, working toward my Masters in Healthcare Administration (MHA), at the Texas Woman’s University...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1144Print: Nursing Profession: The Most Noble, Priceless, & Secure Job in the Country
Related Tags Masters in Healthcare Administration, Texas Woman University, Dr. Mosley, Director of MHA Program, Ironic, Nursing Jobs, Software Engineer, Information Technology, Ambulatory Surgery Center, Flight Nurse, Nurse Manager, Director, Educator, Traveling Nurse, Anesthetist, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, Surgical Assistant, Wharton Junior College

Duke, Other Colleges On Sale Through June 30
Private college savings plan gives prepayers discounts on tuition.
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1184Print: Duke, Other Colleges On Sale Through June 30
Related Tags universities, Brandeis, Duke, MIT, Princeton, Rice, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Nazareth College, Rochester, Dickinson College, Carlisle, Duke University

American Colleges Look to Private Sector for Global Recruiting
United States
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1560Print: American Colleges Look to Private Sector for Global Recruiting
Related Tags international gateway program, SUNY, State University of New York, University of South Florida, Tampa campus, University Partnerships, international students, North America student-recruitment, Nafsa, American International Recruitment Council, IDP Education, student-recruitment company, Oregon State University, Institute of International Education, University of Pennsylvania

CBSE class IX evaluation
Category: NewsNews Total Hits877Print: CBSE class IX evaluation
Related Tags Indian education, Central Board of Secondary Education.


Online Education Offers Access and Affordability
The timing couldn't be better. Just as millions of working-age Americans are realizing they need extra education and skill-sharpening to thrive in a recession
Category: NewsNews Total Hits952Print: Online Education Offers Access and Affordability
Related Tags colleges, continuing education, online education, internet, education, public universities, graduate online courses, Unaccredited courses, technology, global education

More Changes Ahead for the GRE Test
What does it take to excel in grad school? Critics of standardized testing have long complained that the Graduate Record Exam doesn't measure some of the other essential ingredients for grad school success.
Category: NewsNews Total Hits974Print: More Changes Ahead for the GRE Test
Related Tags Lucia Graves, Changes ahead of GRE test, GRE test, GRE, grad school, Graduate record exam, ETS, new GRE component, personal potential index, communication skills, teamwork, planning, organization, knowledge, creativity, ethics and integrity Orwellian tradition

The Top 10 Myths About Study Abroad
Thinking you might want to study abroad? For some, it'll prove to be one of the most rewarding, life-enhancing experiences of their college careers...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1735Print: The Top 10 Myths About Study Abroad
Related Tags Study abroad, Life-enhancing experiences, College careers, Sara Dumont, Study Abroad Program at American University, Designed for students studying abroad, Receive federal financial aid, Special study-abroad scholarships, Study with foreign students, Foreign language, Non-English-speaking countries, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Israel, Jordan, Sciences, Mathematics, History, Political science, Study-abroad adviser

What to Expect on the New GRE
The test now includes “text completion” and “numeric entry” questions..
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1075Print: What to Expect on the New GRE
Related Tags Educational Testing Service, GRE General Test, Verbal and quantitative sections, David Payne, Executive director of the GRE program at ETS, Extensive GRE makeover, Antonym and analogy questions, Quantitative comparisons, Algebra II questions, Robert Schaeffer, Public education director, Group FairTest, Massachusetts-based organization, Students in the United States


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