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US visas for Indian students increased by 20 percent
Indian students are now heading to the United States for their studies and filling up American universities with admission applications...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits895Print: US visas for Indian students increased by 20 percent
Related Tags Indian Students, United States, American Universities, US Embassy, Student Visas, Visa Applications, US Visas, Education USA Advising Centers, Migration Expert, Visa Eligibility Assessment

India is favorite destination of Canadian varsities
India is back on the radar of Canadian universities and colleges which are looking to ramp up enrollment of Indian students, says the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1047Print: India is favorite destination of Canadian varsities
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51 Canadian fellowships for Indian graduate students
Canada will give over 50 fellowships and funds worth more than $4 million to Indian graduate students and institutional partners as part of its steps to boost educational ties between the two countries...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits929Print: 51 Canadian fellowships for Indian graduate students
Related Tags Canada, Indian Graduate Students, Institutional Partners, Indian Counterparts in New Delhi, Canadian Universities, Indian Students, New Globalink Canada-India Graduate Fellowship Programme, MITACS Globalink Programme, Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems, Canadian Research Network, International Students, Computer Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics, Business, Canadian Higher Education, Vancouver, University of British Columbia, Mcmaster University, Simon Fraser University, University of Ottawa, University of Toronto, University of Victoria, University of Waterloo, University of Western Ontario, Canadian Science and Technology Minister Gary Goodyear, Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada

Fee exemption for Indian students in Canadian Universities in Quebec

Category: NewsNews Total Hits1416Print: Fee exemption for Indian students in Canadian Universities in Quebec<br>
Related Tags Indian Students Canada, Canadian Institution, Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, Quebec Government, Higher Studies Canada

College abroad becoming a bargain
Increasing affluence and currency appreciation are behind the spike in Chinese students traveling abroad for their undergraduate studies...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1492Print: College abroad becoming a bargain
Related Tags Chinese students study abroad, Chinese doing undergraduate studies, Chinese students traveling abroad, The Ministry of China Education, GAOKAO University entrance exam, Chinese students wanting to study abroad, Feng Jishang, Marketing manager of Wiseway, Chinese consulting, Study in overseas school, Complete undergraduate studies in China, University of San Francisco, China Business Weekly, Chinese undergraduate students, Admission for Chinese Students, Foreign college campuses


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