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Strict UK visa rules to affect Indian students
If the UK government's review of its visa norms was not enough to send Indian students looking at other destinations, the shutting down of institutes may bring the numbers further down...
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Stricter visa rules in the UK may not affect interest of Indian students to study there
New visa norms to be implemented from April 2012 has closed the post-study route that allowed students access to jobs, two years after completing their course...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits775Print: Stricter visa rules in the UK may not affect interest of Indian students to study there
Related Tags New Visa Norms, Post-graduation in UK, University of Sheffield, Student Visa, UK Government, Criteria for Student Visas, Indian Students, Tier-2 Point System, English Language, Statutory Education, UK Education Institutions, Edwise International, Popular Education Destination, US, Canada, Richard Lasrado, Director, Education Abroad Counselling, Middlesex University, University of Southampton

Tough UK student visa norms come into effect
Tough new rules applicable for students from India and other non-European Union countries came into effect as part of the David Cameron government's promise to prevent abuse of the visa system and substantially reduce immigration during its term in office...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1258Print: Tough UK student visa norms come into effect
Related Tags New Rules Applicable for Students, India, European Union Countries, David Cameron Government, Visa System, Reduce Immigration, Entrance Criteria, Work Entitlements, Post-study Work Route, Self-financing Students from India, Sponsor Students, Education Inspection Body, Education Colleges, Government-sponsored Students, Student Visa, International Students, First Class Education Providers

Australian varsities see dip in entry of Indian students
The enrollment of Indian students looking to pursue higher education in Australia has suffered a significant fall since late 2009...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits2498Print: Australian varsities see dip in entry of Indian students
Related Tags Indian Students, Higher Education in Australia, Australian Education International, Australian Government, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, Enrollment for Higher Education, Vocational Education Institutes, Australia, Harvinder Singh of IDP Education India Private Limited, Australian High Commission, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Ashini Malhotra, Marketing Manager, South Asia and Middle East, Griffith University, South Asia Regional Marketing Manager, Western Australia Trade Office, Social Networking Websites

30,000 Indian students have left Australia-Student federation
A spate of attacks, tough visa norms and denial of permanent residency have caused around 30,000 Indian students, mostly based in Melbourne, to leave Australia in the past year...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1030Print: 30,000 Indian students have left Australia-Student federation
Related Tags Spate of Attacks, Tough Visa Norms, Denial of Permanent Residency, Indian Students, Melbourne, Federation of Indian Students in Australia, Magazine Quoting Gautam Gupta, Denying Permanent Residency, Indian Students in Australia, UN Development Programme, Australia, Education Industry in Australia, MBA Programme, Engineers, Doctors, Accountants


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