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Central Bank of India signs pact with UK university
The University of Warwick has signed an agreement with the Central Bank of India to provide loans worth Rs 20 lakh to Indian students studying at the varsity's Warwick Manufacturing Group...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits791Print: Central Bank of India signs pact with UK university
Related Tags University of Warwick, Central Bank of India, Provide Loans, Indian Students, Warwick Manufacturing Group, S Sridhar, Chairman and Managing Director of Central Bank of India, Loans to Indian Students, WMG Director Professor Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya, Indian Students Studying, Indian Business, Technical and Social Cooperation, UK, India, Professor Sujit Banerji, Executive Director of Postgraduate Programmes

No compromise on education if America wants to be first
US President Barack Obama has again criticized a Republican proposal to cut the education budget by 20 percent, saying US must not compromise on education...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits927Print: No compromise on education if America wants to be first
Related Tags US President Barack Obama, Republican Proposal, Education Budget, India, China, Competitive Global Economy, South Korea, Germany, Childrens Education, US World-class Education, Administer Student Loans, Republicans in Congress, Best Education

Degree PayOff is Growing
Category: NewsNews Total Hits785Print: Degree PayOff is Growing
Related Tags Degree, PayOff, Higher Education, Unemployment

8 Rules for Maximizing Merit Aid
Apply to schools where you’re at the top; ask about renewal terms.
Category: NewsNews Total Hits800Print: 8 Rules for Maximizing Merit Aid
Related Tags merit scholarships, financial rewards, financial aid strategies, FAFSA, Franklin and Marshall College, federal student loan,, Hawaii Pacific University

Education loans to get cheaper
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1685Print: Education loans to get cheaper
Related Tags Education Loans, Study Abroad, Study in US, Higher Education

Student loan helps pay for higher education.
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1663Print: Student loan helps pay for higher education.
Related Tags Education, Education Loan, Overseas Education, Study Abroad, Study in US

Obama cites savings in student loans measure
President Barack Obama told Americans on Saturday his student loan overhaul should help drive college graduation rates...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits882Print: Obama cites savings in student loans measure
Related Tags President Barack Obama, Student Loan, College Graduation Rates, Federal Student Loan Programs, Health Care Law, Highest Proportion of College Graduates, Education Bill, Series of Accomplishments, Lower Interest Rates, Higher Approval Rates, Student Loans

Times Education Boutique Chandigarh
The Times Education Boutique-Chandigarh is a significant event for the students, career counselors, educational institutes, as well as for the banks and training institutes.
Category: EventsEvents Total Hits1015Print: Times Education Boutique Chandigarh
Related Tags Times Education Boutique Chandigarh, Times education, education event, to colleges, top schools of chandigarh, Departments of Overseas Governments, visa exerts, immigration experts, Asian Business Exhibitions and Conferences

Five Tips for International Students Studying in the USA
The university system is the United States provides an extensive research network that allows international students to work with world-renowned scholars...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1184Print: Five Tips for International Students Studying in the USA
Related Tags university system in the United States, research network, world renowned scholars, study in America, leading international education experts, students seeking to study in the USA, Admissions Process, highly rated academic programs, international study program, academic resources, student loan, tuition and living costs, merit scholarships, work study programs, English as a second language, Apply Early, Student Visa, domestic sponsor, I-134 affidavit form, citizenship acquisition process


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